The purpose of carrying out periodical hull surveys is to detect possible structural defects and damages and to determine the extend of any deterioration. Our Organization has developed a complete Inspection and Assessment Program for  Cargo Ships to determine the overall condition of the hull structure and determine the extend of additional close-ip examination.

Vessel Inspection and Assessment Report identifies possible damages and condition focusing on the main features on the structural items of each area. When required, Surveyor should study the ship’s structural arrangement and review the ship’s operation and survey history. Our form includes different parameters to comply with the outside the programmed hull survey: Vessel Particular- General Information- Principal Dimensions- Registration, Class & Insurers- Ship Construction- Comments and Observations on vessel particular section Documentation- Statutory and Class Status and Records- Technical- Inspections- Operational- Manning- Additional Comments or Observations  Effectiveness of ISM System- Review of Documents- Feedback- Safety Management- Safe Carriage of Coal- Safety Equipment Tests- Safety Culture- Environmental Protection Culture- Environmental Plan and Records- Safety Plan and Drawings Security Management- Certification- Security Documentation- Security Matters- Records- Comments on prevention of Non-conformities Structural Condition- Holds- Holds ventilation and lighting securing- Hatch covers and related areas- Ballast tanks- Shell and deck plating – Watertight bulkheads- Additional comments or observations on the structural condition Machinery Management- Records and Manuals- Observation of condition in Machinery Spaces- Safety and Environment- Ballast System- Comments and additional observations Bridge Management- Bridge Equipment- Navigational practices- Comments Condition of Cranes- Observations of condition of cranes Survey Summary- General- Conclusion

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