FastTrack Engineering PTE LTD

FastTrack Business Vision.
Through effective project management, knowledge based engineering, detail design, and optimized fabrication/constructions deliver services and equipment to marine, offshore and shore based industry.
The business and purpose is project execution with engineering, fabrication, construction and installation of steel structures containing piping, process piping, structure, E&A, skids or modules etc. for marine, offshore and land based industrial purpose.
The business vision is to operate under the FastTrack principle for project execution.
Create strong and competent project team for performance of the contract scope.
Team with the necessary competences and empowerment to at all time be able to meet the contract obligations and contract challenges.
The team will keep focus on the scope of work and timely project execution. The team will have the tools and methods for execution of the work to the required quality and standards.

Always on time with FTE.

FastTrack Project :
FastTrack Engineering
FastTrack Fabrication
MC and Commisioning

FastTrack Engineering :
Engineering,3 D modeling,
Piping design,structural design,calculations and analysis.

FT FabricationEngineering &Fabrication :
Yeo HongDrawings and documentationsWPQ/WPS etc,
piping construction,steel construction,qualified welders and fabricationpersonnel.HighQualityFabrication and analysis.

MC and Commissioning
Site Management,site engineers,constructionon site.
mechanicalcompletion,commissioning handover documentation.

Project team with full authority for the contract.
100% dedicated project engineers.
Critical Path focus trough execution.
We are competence.
We are close to Yeo Hong fabrication.
We utilize the project team knowledge together with Yeo Hong fabrication.
Experienced management team within project management, engineering management, fabrication management and site management.

Our competence:
Project management
3D design, piping & structural.
Fabrication drawings
FEM calculations
Fabrication management.
Site installation.
Fabrication supervision
Site installation supervision
MC and Commissioning.
Purchasing of bulk materials.
Very good process knowledge.
QA management.
We have in our group::
Highly qualified welders and mechanical workers.
Highly qualified E&I workers.
Highly qualified Insulation workers..

Always on time with FTE

Contact us:
Office Address
20 Gul Crescent, Singapore 629529
Contact Info
Telephone number : +65 6862 5532
Fascimile number :+65 6862 5840
Corporate email :

Our Skid Fabrication capabilities:
Fabrication of Metering and Pump Skids.
Fabrication of Process and Piping Skids.

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