Maritimus Ragusa  knowledge and experience with LNG industry specific standards and codes are unsurpassed in the industry. Some of the areas with which we can assist you are: Preparing engineering designs for permit applications Regulatory Compliance Assistance Regulatory Compliance Audits Regulatory Support LNG Vapor Dispersion Studies LNG Fire Radiation Studies We can work with you to develop code-complying procedures and plans, such as: Operation Procedures Maintenance Procedures Training, operations and maintenance Training, security Training, fire protection Training, records Fire Protection evaluations prevention plans Emergency Response Plans We can assist or lead in other areas affecting the safety of your facility by providing: HazOp (Hazards and Operability) Studies Incident Investigations LNG Safety and public Relations Presentations Education of AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)

Operations Support Facility Start-Up1.Commissioning Procedures2.Dry-Out 3.Cooldown/ Start-Up Procedures4.Operations Manual Development Facility Operations 1.Operations, Maintenance and Emergency Response Manual2.Operability and Debottlenecking Studies 3.Plant Material Balances.

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